August 28, 2012 by idiotuntil30

What do you do when your heart just isn’t “in” it?


Whatever it might be; a relationship, a job, an athletic achievement, a project, school. What happens when you find yourself in a situation that your heart hasn’t followed you into?


For many new college students, this will become a reality very shortly. It’s a statistic worth addressing, but the number of  U.S. college students who will drop out or flunk out in their first year has been on the rise.


The “Pathways to Prosperity” study by the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2011 shows that just 56 percent of college students complete four-year degrees within six years. Only 29 percent of those who start two-year degrees finish them within three years.


If that’s not you, then it might be your marriage. Sorry to inform you, but half of you won’t make it to the “till death, do us part.”

If you were a solid student with a solid marriage, then your job might suck. I think something about jobs has been in the news, but I haven’t been paying much close attention.


Besides all the factors stacked against you in finding success in these areas of your life, your heart might ultimately be the one to blame.


I’m sure you’ve heard it from a coach, a mentor, maybe even your boss; “Put your heart in it.”

You can fake almost everything else these days, but somehow, someway, people can always tell when your heart has left the game.


I’m a Buffalo Bills fan. Now, stop for a moment and really think of how you respond to that statement. If you are a fan of the Bills, awesome. I’m glad you’re reading this…spread the word! If you’re not, that’s ok. I can understand why you might not be. You may have a team you’ve followed your entire life, or you may have been let down by the Bills in recent years. I have a friend who falls in the latter category. In his own words, “They don’t play with the heart they want. All the skill, all the money, all the support is there. What they need is a heart transplant!” Despite your feelings on the team, or any team for that matter, there is some truth to having your heart behind what you want.


I’ll admit that there are days when my heart just isn’t in it. By “it,” I mean most of my life. It’s one of those days that nothing seems to be right with the world.

The more I become aware of the instant feedback culture we live in, the more I see that there seem to be a lot of us who suffer from the same kind of days. Just log in to any of your social media feeds and I’m sure you find a few people loosing heart.


So, what do you do when your heart isn’t in it?Image

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