September 7, 2012 by idiotuntil30

Could I be the father I am, without the father I have?



The Mentoring Project seeks to respond to the American crisis of fatherlessness by inspiring and equipping faith communities to mentor fatherless youth.

Our goal for our hometown of Portland specifically is to end the waiting list made up of 1000 fatherless boys. We will do this by training up mentors in faith communities and finally seeing the church stand in the gap on the issue of fatherlessness. By focussing on mentoring, we believe that the American church could effectively shut down prisons, end school dropouts, curb youth suicide, and reduce homelessness for a large number of boys affected by the fatherless epidemic – the mentoring project


I don’t expect much from people. It leaves room to be surprised and inspired when people turn out to be truly great. It’s rare to find, and often we see people that we thought had it all together, find themselves in the middle of controversy. 

The list is too long to start. 

However, there are people who quietly become heros. Not on the national level. Not in the spotlight of business. At home.

That’s my Dad. 

Unfortunately I haven’t seen it as heroism for most of my life. 

But when I think about what the best heros are known for, i’m convinced he qualifies. 

The best heros give something of themselves, a sacrifice, in order that the things they love the most stay protected.

Think about any one of your favorite heros from history, the movies, or your favorite comic…sacrifice is a common theme. 

My dad sacrificed a lot, so that I could one day look at my own son with the same sense of humility. 

I hope that my dad knows how much I see that now, and that even thought I’m still an “idiot,” he’s done a heroic thing. Being a father is no easy task, believe me. 

And now, in this time of his life, he’s earned the title of hero in another way – Happy 30th anniversary dad.


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