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September 11, 2012 by idiotuntil30

When was the last time you looked up at the stars?

I remember when I was very young spending time at night at my grandparent’s camp in the summer looking at the stars.

I would be cold and riddled with bug bites, but loved just being able to see stars that I never seemed to see in the city.

I grew up in Syracuse and if you know anything about light pollution in cities, it blocks the view of the night sky.

I think that we get distracted by artificial light, deer in headlights, and moths to the bug zapper.

I know that for a long time, I thought that the artificial was good enough. The “stuff” of life mattered.

Grade school – High school – I was driven by the typical things – get the girl, get the car, get out of this town!

By senior year I had decided Paul Smiths College was the best option – unsure of what I wanted other than the college degree – undecided.

For 2 years I was as average as they get, transferring to OCC and then Cortland to finish a Bachelor’s Degree in recreation. By then I was convinced that directing a camp was by best option. I had worked at a summer camp for years, and it was a comfortable environment that I seemed to thrive in.

Kids and counseling has always been a big part of my life. Youth programing was my niche, and I was quick with a game, a song, or an activity to keep my groups occupied. I met my wife at the summer camp, and since there was a very old chapel on site – we decided it was the perfect spot to get hitched

So in May of 2007 I got married, moved to Buffalo, and the “stuff” of life was still my motivator, I got the girl and the job and the apartment, but I wanted more.

I moved to Rochester in October of 2007 and took a position as Youth director at a church in Webster. I was good at it, but it took a toll on our marriage. Late nights and long hours will do that. Artificial light…

Then in April of 2009, Landon was born, and everything changed. Suddenly the “stuff” didn’t seem to matter, and I felt like I was able to see the stars again. The Artificial Light seemed to be turned off, and the precision of what really matters became clear to me. 

So fast forward to today – Landon is 3, and growing like a weed, and the artificial has taken a backseat to the light of my life. So this really isn’t about me, and it took a long time to realize it never really was. Soon I hope to get a clear night out of the city to show Landon, to show him how the stars remind me of him. 



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  1. Anonymous says:

    That is a great picture of you and Landon. I hope you all are doing well.

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